Downtown Houston Improvements

Downtown Houston has seen a lot of development in the last decade: the MetroRail expansion, Discovery Green Park, more residential units, the revitalization of Buffalo Bayou park, new hotels, restaurants and entertainment in Green Street and Avenida Houston, and a revival of the Main Street nightlife scene.   

The Downtown Development Map linked below highlights recently completed or soon to open office, residential, hotel and other developments within downtown Houston as of January 2017, according to the Plan Downtown project.

Why We Care

The development of downtown Houston benefits not only those who work or live downtown, or even Houstonians who only occasionally visit downtown for an event, festival or theatrical performance.  Downtown improvements will also grow the Houston economy by elevating the city’s profile as a potential host for world-class events such as the recent SuperBowl LI, estimated to have produced $350 million net economic impact, and by making Houston a more attractive destination for the relocation and investment of businesses and individuals.

Planned downtown developments and a better Houston economy overall are also good for the Houston commercial construction industry, which is why we choose to highlight this topic.

What’s Next for Downtown?

The Plan Downtown project, is developing the next phase of improvements for downtown Houston and is scheduled to launch this fall.  A 20 year vision, the goal of Plan Downtown is to recommend and implement public and private initiatives that position downtown at the forefront in leading Houston’s advancement as a great, global city.

Who is Involved

Plan Downtown is a collaboration of the partner organizations listed below and a 150-member Steering Committee comprised of business leaders, elected officials, developers, social and non-profit organizations, downtown residents and emerging millennials.  Public opinion will also inform the Plan Downtown project, through public surveys and engagement.

Plan Downtown Focus Areas

Build Downtown
What are the competitive advantages of Downtown, and how do we build on those?

Green Downtown
How do we take advantage of and extend networks of green space?

Connect Downtown
How can Downtown better connect to its adjacent neighborhoods?

Move Downtown (Transportation)
How do we balance the needs of commuters with the desire for more livable streets?

Work Downtown
How does Downtown attract the future workforce?

Visit Downtown
What makes Downtown a competitive destination for regional, national, and international visitors?

Live Downtown
Who are Downtown’s residents, and who are we trying to attract in the future?

Play Downtown
How can we complement and replicate the success of existing public spaces?

Learn Downtown
How does Downtown leverage schools and universities to foster innovation and attract new office and residential populations?

Plan Downtown Partners

  • Houston Downtown Management District
  • Houston First Corporation
  • Central Houston, Inc.
  • Downtown Redevelopment Authority / TIRZ No.3
  • Buffalo Bayou Partnership
  • City of Houston
  • Harris County
  • Theater District Houston
  • East Downtown Management District
  • Midtown Management District
  • Greater East End Management District
  • Greater Northside Management District

For More Information

Please visit the Plan Downtown website.  Select content and PDFs in this post are sourced from the Plan Downtown website.  Opinions expressed by Garrison Construction Group, LLC do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Plan Downtown project.